Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We are Human ..... Not Resources

I’ve heard a lot about corporate culture, since the time I’ve developed some grey cells in my brain to understand these terms. Thou still I find myself unfit for the culture. To be in corporate and survive, you always need to use your brain instead of your heart and I’m bad at it. Throughout my life my heart has taken precedence over my mind, thou people say I’ve got a sharp brain. Seldom, I’ve used my brain to deal with people; it’s always the honor of the heart to do so. It has effected in both ways, I’ve earned some great friends and some sore relationships at the same time. Let me make you clear, using heart doesn’t mean that I own a great heart or I’m a good human being, no nothing like that. Going by heart sometimes I ended hurting someone. Sometimes I’m too straight that people think I’m too arrogant.

Coming back to corporate, from the 1st year itself I’ve been keenly observing the culture, but the more I come to know the more the distance between me and corporate increases. I find no room for honesty here, no room for transparency and no room for ethics but they claim HONESTY, TRANSPARENCY and ETHICS will lead you to places.

In corporate human being are mere RESOURCES, those whom the management think has become worthless are thrown out as rotten eggs. The millionaire owners cannot afford to get few bucks lesser, they ask the management to illustrate the growing graphs only in terms of money. Only money matters for them.

Have you ever been inside a butcher shop? If not, let me explain. You go to butcher and ask the butcher to have 2 pounds of chicken meat. He choose a big one, then suddenly you remember it’s recession, you change your mind and ask him for one pound only, he leaves the first and chop up another smaller one for you. The chickens inside the cage do nothing; the only thing at that point of time matters for them is their own survival. But they don’t know they will be the next victim. It’s just matter of time.

I visualize the Customer as the Owner of the organization, the butcher as the senior management and the chickens as the poor employees. Today few survived, watching others going holding pink slips, next day it will be their turn.

It’s time for the corporate employees to stand up and fight for their rights. As an employee they have done their duty with utmost dedication and devotion. Now in bad times the employers also must show some respect and sense of duty towards their employees. The employers must show sense of responsibility. It’s time for all of us to dismiss the word RESOURCE tagged to our names. We are not mere resources, if we are; the organizations hiring us are BODY SHOPS. It’s time to remove the department named HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT to EMPLOYEE WELFARE DEPARTMENT. This change is inevitable; sooner or later it will come. ….. I’m waiting for the GOOD TIMES TO COME.


P.S. I admire few of the corporate houses, for example TATA, who despite of being the greatest business empire of this country has not produced a single person having wealth to top the chart of Indians with respect to their wealth. The reason, they are the BEST Employers after government and the reason people working for TISCO and TELCO have the sense of belongingness.

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