Friday, June 26, 2009

The Truth that Prevails

Last week there was a death in someone’s family in our apartment. The departed soul seems to be an old man. The NOIDA SAMAJ ANTIM YAATRA VAHAN was there to take the body of the departed soul to its final journey; the journey from which no one returns. I inadvertently saw the van through my balcony as I was preparing to go out for lunch with few closed ones.

I suddenly realized that how near I was with that family, who lives in the building just next to mine. Still I’ve not heard their sobbing, expression of grief as I was comfortable and busy in my own closet. I thought to go and pay the last tribute to that gentleman, but I don’t know what restricted me to do so. They live so close to me and I still didn’t know them. Yeah, this is the apartment life. I love its privacy, my own space which it provides but somewhere deep in my heart I hate living in this comportment, where people keep aloofness from each other and share little most possible. Such a mean minded we’ve become and we say we’ve evolved.

I often tend to think about “who am I?” sort of things when such incidents occur. Yes the death is inevitable. Those who take birth must depart someday. But we can remain in the hearts of several even after departing, only by spreading joy, love and care. Everyone knows the truth, but still we fight for money, land, false ego and many more nonsense chattels. Every one wants to become a successful person at any cost.

For me the success lies in becoming what I want to be. I want to be a butterfly, unrestricted to visit each and every bloom in the garden. I want to be liberated flying bird, having no boundaries. I want to be the sky, giving space to each one through enormity and eternity. I want to be an ocean, vast, powerful and still serene. Before I come to the rest I want to live the life, talk to every soul on this earth, share their sorrows and spread my joy. It seems to be illogical these days, but it’s possible. The truth remains the same for all of us. I need love and care and so does all of us.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Salaam Talent

The stimulus performance of Pakistan team in T20 World Cup is a big relief for the world of cricket. The Pakistan cricket brings the fresh bouquet of raw talent. Also it brings the exceptional quality of uncertainty. The Pak cricket has been blessed with such sheer talents in the past and surely it has too much to offer in the coming future as well.

The world has discovered the theory of reverse swing through Pakistan. Their contribution to the bowling in the world cricket is same as the contribution of India to the batting. Also this T20 World Cup has witness the sign of revival of West Indies. West Indies had dominated the world cricket with their power play in yester years. It will only be good for the world of cricket if they will come at the same level.

Thou India have lost its way early but I’m sure they are having loads of talent. Majority of Indians only supports the team when they are winning. In fact the winning teams need less support. The team needs it most when they are down and loosing. They’ll be surely back to the winning streak.

But, right now it’s time to praise the new champions. The victory of Pakistan is the victory of talent over technology. It means the victory of instinct over strategy. It means the victory of faith over planning. SALAAM TALENT.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Thank you Mr. Bond

Penning your thoughts down erratically and to write a best seller are two poles apart aspects of writing. I was and still am not at all a good reader. Little interest I’ve developed in reading few years back when I read some Satyajeet Ray’s work. It was a short “Detective Novel” and then I read “Anne Frank’s Diary”. Both were different. Former was interesting and a fiction novel whereas the other was just the pages from the diary of a young girl. The later changed my view towards the novels, thou after that I’ve scarcely read something of that category.

Afterwards I read few more. Then I got the collection of short stories of Ruskin Bond, which one of the kids from my family gave me. It was almost for 3 months unread with me, kept safe on my bedside table. One day I was almost to return the book without a single page turned. I don’t know why I placed the book again where it was. Next day I started reading the book. Since it was divided in chapters and the stories were not related to each other, I started reading the chapters arbitrarily. The size of the chapters and the time available were the factors to decide which chapter I should read.

The writer has written about almost everything that happened around him, sometimes openly, sometimes keeping himself disguised, just letting the imagination of reader to find or relate with the characters. He wrote about his friend, friends, love, relatives, trees, plants, journey etc. The writer comes from few generations away from ours, may be 50s and 60s but still we can relate ourselves to his stories. I loved his story about a train journey and the one in which he explains his affection for a girl with basket at Deoli Railway Station.
Then I read “The Funeral”, awesome, it was a story about a 9 year old boy and his emotional or rather unemotional feelings during the funeral ceremony of his father. Today I read a new chapter “The Room of Many Colours” (after so many years I have written colours instead of colors, yes the author has English connections). This chapter explains about the father of the writer and his propinquity with the writer. The boy in the chapter “The Funeral” was the writer himself, I concluded.
We often fail to see the happenings around us. There is story or two or rather many stories running concurrently around us. Most of them are beautiful, emotional and silent. We fail to see them, but the great artists find something to describe and portray. Some write it in their stories, some sketch their emotions, and some outline it as poem. And we mere mean minded people don’t even give a look to it. Have we ever seen into the eyes of an old aged beggar asking for few bucks on the traffic signals, the beauty in the wrinkles of the elderly workers working around your living place, the dreams in the eyes of young rickshaw pullers, the pathetic state of the home of the maid working at your house. Neither, I’ve seen it. Nor we are concerned in the feelings of the people working around us, so mean we are. Let’s give it a try next time.

Ruskin, an Anglo-Indian, has shown lots of love for India, his childhood place Dehra (doon), The Himalayas, The forests, Trees, People of India and many more. I sometimes wonder that how he has been in love with this place, whereas we, so called pure Indians, are always ready to leave India to get settled abroad. How this man had developed love with all the shortcomings with India, whereas we didn’t remember even the good things about our own country. He insisted many times in the book that he is an Indian, thou his parents were from England and Norway. I developed some respect for this writer. Many outsiders had in past and in present portrayed only the dark side of India and won Great awards.
Thank you Mr. Bond, you’ve portrayed India in such a beautiful manner, through your books. And thank you, for invigorating the love for my country inside me.

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Rebel speaks

I’m a rebellion by nature and often repudiate to be controlled by others, especially when it comes to personal things and working. I had never intervened in anyone’s personal choices till date, even if it would have been the person, whom I felt most important in my life, would had choose to leave me, I have had never asked him/her to stay back.

There are two special categories of people I’ve observed. First one, say A, they are always complaining and crying over the situation they are in. They often put the blame on others, their managers, peers, GOD, fate, food or even on them who don’t even exist, except for themselves. They are never satisfied with whatever situation or position they are in. If you ask them for work they’ll cry, if you don’t give them work, they’ll cry either. Their focus is never on the job in hand, but on other’s and other’s achievements. Thank god I don’t fall in this category and I’m happy with the things I’ve been doing. The day I’ll feel I’m not destined to do the work I’m doing, I’ll quit and will do the things I want to do. Till date, I’ve been doing the same.

Then there are another variety of people, say B. They will ask you to do the things their way. They are often in false impression, that they are successful in their lives and that they are the best and the only one in this entire world who know how to do things. They have done nothing constructive in their lives and in future too they’ll do anything constructive is doubtful. In reality, they are mere losers. I’m not of this kind either.

I often sense that if you give the ownership to someone and motivate them instead of showing the way how to do it will extract the best out of the person. May be they’ll come up with better innovative idea or even if they fail, they’ll learn.

I’ve sympathy for both the above categories A and B, but at the same time I’m thankful to them too. They have taught me a lot in how to deal with the people around you. They’ve helped me in growing personally. Till the species of the kind A and kind B of human race exist on this earth, it will keep the categories like me and most of us on learning track. Thank you ‘As’ and ‘Bs’.