Sunday, May 17, 2009


Emotions play an important role in our lives. Remember the moments, sport team you were supporting clinched a victory out of nowhere, as a child you topped in some activities, you took the field despite of badly injured index finger and sore foot to make sure that your team wins, when you saw the eyes of you father glittering when you succeeded through a competition, you leave for the hostel and in the bus alone thinking of family back home, when you saw wet eyes of your mom when you were about to leave your home to settle down somewhere else, you got selected in an interview after getting rejected earlier in few others, you shared your feelings with someone you considered special and got rejected by him/her.

In all these incidents you’ll find the emotion taking over you, at that particular moment, you were a different person, sometimes calm, sometimes vulnerable and sometimes childish. In this era, we are so busy that we’ve hardly anytime to even get emotional. We are too busy to listen to our hearts. Mind is getting rid of heart, leaving no room for feelings.

Emotions are what make a human, a human. For me to be emotional is to be humane.

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