Sunday, November 15, 2009

Till the Sun walks into the Dawn …..

I’ve read a lot these days in the newspapers about the master completing his 20 years in international cricket and the pressure, the burden he has been carrying throughout his career since he established himself in the international arena.

It reminded me of a cricket match, India vs Pakistan, I saw as a kid on doordarshan. It was a friendly match, practice match what they call, and it was before 15th November 1989 for sure (but the year was 1989 and the month must be October or November). Doordarshan was sort of kind those days and because of non availability of so much of useless channels; it sometimes aired the not so important matches as well. I was a kid but have developed some sense for the game of cricket through my uncle; he was a professor of physics but also an ardent fan of cricket. I can recall few incidents, for example, Srikant imitating Abdul Quadir’s action during the two overs he bowled. Few of the cricketers from both the sides were wearing their pullovers in backside-front manner and everyone was enjoying as it was not an international match. India had to chase and were in trouble at some stage by losing 4 odd wickets, I don’t remember the scores but I saw a thin little boy wielding his bat like a sword hitting the most dangerous spinner of the era Abdul Quadir, hitting sixes and fours one after another, dancing down the track. The only shots I remember from that innings are those in which he advances or came dancing down the track hitting straight and disappearing the ball all over the park. He didn’t even score a fifty, but those 35-40 odd minutes he batted was a treat.

In the course Indian team lost that match but it was a beginning of an era, an era which has not yet ended. Those were the 1st rays of the sun which is not yet willing to set even after 20 long years. From that match only, that guy had set an expectation, expectation that he will come and tear off the bowling no matter whosoever is the opponent. He carried the responsibility and the burden of expectations with utmost dignity, discipline and respect and delivered more often than not.

Yes the sun has not yet set, but the dusk is knocking on the door. The injuries, human body and many more reasons might pull the sun to the dawn. For most of us, the game will no more remain the same, many of us might stop following the game as throughout some of has only followed the Sun and not the game. The ton, the bat raised to acknowledge the spectators and the eyes looking into heavens just to thank the GOD, there will be no such view again.

Before he decides to take a call and hang up his boots, I want and for that matter every admirer of him wants him to play the coming world cup final, leading India to its second world cup victory and his 1st. It will be a fitting finish for his incredible and astonishing career. Having said that, even if he fails, we must thank him for all his efforts and achievements and must be grateful to god that we were born in the era in which Sachin played.

Till the sun walks into the dawn, let's enjoy the sunshine.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kushal left Org, So does an ever smiling face

Kushal is the only person with whom I’ve studied as well as worked. During study days we were not the best of friends, neither bad. After joining the same organization and having selected for the same department I came to know him better. In Nov 2006 we moved to the same project thou in different roles and after few months were in same section of the projects.

Initially I thought he was a moody guy (which of course he is), but then he is a great friend as well. We partied, hanged out quite often during those days before he left for another project. After a year and half, he joined us again but this time only to leave the organization.

With Kushal leaving, left an ever smiling face, a friend at work place and a calming influence in hectic work schedules filled with tensions. With him left us a true party animal, a person whom you ask any time for partying or hanging out, and with an answer “Yes”. With him also left, a chilling material, a great dramatist.

This is a part and parcel of work life. People leave and join for their betterment. I wish Kushal a great success in career.