Monday, October 19, 2009

The Second Fiddle….

Since I’ve developed senses, I’ve been in love with the underperformers or the people who are the next best or are in the second lead. Be it sports, movies, study or friends. I’ve always preferred, admired or supported those who are the next bests or are not the best. During my childhood, my favorite tennis star was Andre Aggassi thou number one position was held by the Great Pete Sampras. During Doordarshan days, I loved the movies of Dharmendra over Amitabh Bachchan. I always preferred non toppers as my friends. None of my close friends were the toppers from the class neither was I (I was an exception for few years when I stood second). My favorite Indian cricketer is Rahul Dravid whereas the world praise for Sachin Tendulkar (I too love the master's game but here I’m talking about favorites). I loved the role of circuit in the movie series Munna Bhai. I don’t know why I found the character of Ardeth Bay (by Oded Fehr) in the movie “The mummy Returns” worthy than the lead Richard O’Connell (Brendon Fraser).

I don’t know the reason(s). It might be because I’ve never been in elite list or I hate the aura surrounding the best. But the truth is I esteem the second fiddle and I love to eulogize under praised.