Thursday, May 7, 2009

Of voting, power, rights and many more :-)

Today here in NCR we have a holiday, reason NCR is voting today in GENERAL ELECTION of INDIA 2009. I’m sitting inside my room, thinking of how to kill the time as nothing is open here, cannot go to Delhi, cannot call to other cities to my friends as they must be working, I don't find pleasure in watchin TV except for sports and I cannot vote here, no I’m matured enough to vote but I do not hold a voter ID card for this region. Since, the procedure to vote while you are away from your constituency is too lengthy and many of us are not aware of how to use it, a large number of citizens of India are not able to exercise their supreme right of democracy.

Those who exercise their voting duty also suffer, they feel it difficult to find a choice whom to vote unless they are illiterate enough or dumb enough to think. Today our literacy percentage might have increased according to figures shown in census but we are far more behind to be called educated. Knowing the alphabets doesn’t guarantee that you get the power of understanding things. A large number of populations consist of such dumb people, who do not have an identity and who do not even thrive to get their identity. They are mere follower of few dictators and are happy doing so throughout their lives.

The so called leaders (I hate to call them leaders as they’ve defamed this great word) of today use the religion, caste and power to attract the voters. They even use money, alcohol etc to get rid of the mind of voters who are so dumb to get attracted to these silly things that they misuse their UTMOST POWER. I cannot blame those leaders as we are the real culprits who for few buck, few pecks waste our votes.

Where are the Leaders like Lal Bahadur Shastri, who has no house on his name even after he became the Prime Minister of India? Who is going to question the leaders that how they are able to multiple their properties 7 times in 5 years? Who is going to ask them where they are wasting our hard earned money which we pay as taxes to the government?

Yes, we can question them and after every five years we have the power to make them answer, but when the time comes, we start seeing for someone from our religion, caste, sub caste or of our proximity are there to be voted. We forget about our security, our development, our day to day sufferings because of negligence of government, big Pit holes on our neighboring road, corruption. We forget a terrorist is a terrorist no matter which religion they follow, we forget that by electing malicious personality we are actually giving them authority to make the laws…………….. but who cares

May be someday we ourselves will change and hence the system will. Sounds too optimistic, but YES WE CAN.


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