Saturday, May 10, 2014

India votes for India

I’m from a state, where it is said that politics is in the blood of everyone. However, I beg to differ, but yes the interest in politics is there, especially in the down-trodden section of our society. This election, one of the longest running, and probably the bitter-most of all, which I’ve seen in my life time. Having said that, I feel the democracy of India has been strengthened.

When I look back I find all is not dark as portrayed. India is a democracy, where a newly born party, without any formal mechanism, without any proper structure, ruined the party of old established political parties, gathered faith of people and on sheer support of people, was able to form government in the power center state of Delhi. This is the only democracy, where both right and left wing have cadre votes, and this is the democracy, where more than 100 years old party, despite of incumbency factors keeps on coming back to power.

I feel it as the strength of my country, that despite of corrupt most leaders in the power, despite of goons running the country from inside and outside, a commoner can come in to power. An old man, becomes a youth icon and can pull out millions of people out of their homes to streets, and can take on entire government head on, with Gandhian way of protests. A son of tea vendor can become a PM candidate of the biggest alliance, a commoner and activist, without any formidable support of money and structure in organization, becomes a threat for old establishment.

Whoever wins in this election, daunting task is ahead for them. Enormous task to protect the longest running absorbing culture, unified nation from the pool of diversified culture. Mammoth task to protect their own people from their own and from outside. A gargantuan  task to lead country to a new era of development and immense duty to eradicate corruption.

Whatever negativity buzzed around this election, I feel, there is a huge positive vibe coming out. Let us this time, on the verge of last election day, pray, not for ourselves, not for our family, not for our community, but for our country. Let the best man lead the country.