Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Golden Days …..

The college life is memorable for everyone and that so if you reside in hostel it gets multiplied. I’ve been lucky to spend my last few years of studies in hostel and that too in the best ones available in India, the great BIT Mesra Hostels. Yeah, there were many shortcomings including the food, but we use to find some taste in it, the facilities were okay but the best thing was the company of the hostel mates, my batch mates, a bunch of exuberant individuals. They were all amazing, different from each other. Few were aggressive, some were silent but one thing was common in everyone that they all were notorious in some way or other. I enjoyed the company of all of them. Few of my best friends are my hostel mates. Debu,Nachiketa Hakeem, Sanjeet, Basuki and Prakash were with whom I spent my maximum time during BIT days. But at times there were different people with me.

Right now I’m feeling hungry; so, let’s talk something about the food. Since my maid has not come today so I’ve to order the food from outside, and it’ll take at least half-an-hour to reach the food here, so by the time it reaches, let me tell you about the food I’ve during BIT days. It is always good to talk about food when you are hungry, right? The Breakfast, Lunch and dinner were the tough time normally in BIT hostels. Yet Chhole-Bhature on Sundays and puri-sabzi on Tuesday and Fridays were excellent, the dinners of Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays were relatively good. Evening supper was comparatively okay as if you had something not of your choice you’ve always the option to go out to dhabba and have Jalebi-Samoshas over there.

Sharma Dhhabba and Aunty-Dhabba are inside the BIT campus and are the great place sto hang out with friends in the palm of the mother nature. It is a place full of trees providing shades in summers and the tunes played by wind over these trees create a great ambience, natural and exotic. The view from the dhabba is awesome apart from the flock of girls you may see over there. The couples thou preferred the OC (outer cop) canteen, which served its order with extra delays in time, which was actually a great pleasure for couples.

I’ve a very bad habit since my childhood, I hate eating alone especially in public places (unless I'm too hungry). In BIT hostels I’ve enjoyed company of different people while dining. We use to have Morning breakfast essentially in hostels, Nitin, Manish, Abhishek and Omi as they were the closest from my room, room # 251, Abhishek, 249, Nitin 250, Omi 252 and Manish at 253, more often than not accompanied me. That does not means that only these guys were during breakfast with me, it is that they were more frequently with me. The dinners were normally with Debasish, Nikhil, Prakash and Nachiketa. Nachi used to take us to the sweet shop opened lately during our, we eat up different kind of sweets, ice-creams or pastries over there after dinner. Lunches were often in hurry and almost whole bunch was present in the dining area.

The Saturday lunches are memorable thou, on Saturday’s, We, I mean Debasish, Manish and I, often planned our lunch in CHHAPRA Dhabba, which was around 5-6 Kilometres from our hostels. Let me tell you going out on Saturday lunch by BIT bus was a tough ask as it was jam-packed with all the studs going out either for shopping, movie or lunch. Chhapra Dhabba offers only one thing that we liked, Fish Curry. Awesome the taste was of the traditionally prepared fish curry, and it was available only with two other traditional companions’ rice and roti (bread). If you were 5 minutes late to reach the destination, forget about the food in chhapra dhaba, just travel to the town and go for the BOSE restaurant in the city.
TING-TONG!!!! The home-delevery guy has arrived with the food I ordered, so I’m going to have it 1st and then continue ….. Laziz, the restaurant I came to know from one of my friends provides yummy non-veg dishes. I’ve a filled up tummy now, so I cannot talk about the food now. Let’s talk something else.

BIT has a great environment. About 70% of its 780 plus acres is covered with trees and greenery. Nachiketa and I often had long walks across the campus and sometimes we were accompanied by Praveen and others as well. Our walks were more frequent during winters, the foggy atmosphere, the yellow and white lampposts and the chilling cold was an awesome combination. We used to walk silently for hours before getting tired and get back to our rooms to sleep.

The entire hostel life was a great experience and the memories are still fresh, the memories of the long walks across the campus, the card game and fight over it, the mid night TT games, the badminton in 50K indoor wooden court, the law-breaking parties, the MCA cup, which irrespective of all differences was able to unite us, the Sunday’s chhole-bhature and us jumping over it like doggies (I cannot get a better word for it), the half-baked bread, the daal-fry, the news-paper printing, the interaction-days, the mass-call, the Prof named JHEL and our march to his place to celebrate his anniversary, the BIT bus and the visit to the town only to have Litti-Chokha over there, The OC canteen and the IC canteen, The Sharma Dhaba and the aunty dhhaba , the December Bus strike and a walk from BIT mor to the Institute, the hot summers and the chilling winters, the chappal kaand, the cricket matches, the quizzes and end semesters with last minute preparations, the tough placement days, preparation for Technical, Aptitude, Puzzles and Interviews, the sleepless nights and the joy in each other’s success …. It all that happened in BIT and in some way or in other made us better human beings.

But they are the people, its all of them whom I miss …. Karia, Nishant, Abhishek, Kunal, Nitin, Parashar, OP, Naveen, Luv, Praveen, Debu, Dinu, Prasant, Sailesh, Rajesh, Vaibhav, Rastogi, Pandey Jee, Nikhil, Feraz, Srivastava, Basuki, Nandy, Razak, Sanjeet, Karan, Gupta and Nachiketa. They all were and are different but they all had impact in my life and I learned something or other from each one of them. The time may make us forget each other, but it’s the memoirs that may keep us along, it’s the institute that may make us abide as we are the Alumni of BIT and that we were the most versatile batch 2K3. I surmise, I construe those days as my golden days.