Friday, August 22, 2008

Start of A New Begining

INDIA: We are 2nd in the world when it comes to Population, 7th when it comes to Area but in the medal tally of the Olympics we are nowhere near to a decent position. There are many reasons to it and there are many reasons to celebrate the fantastic show by our low profile sportsmen in the ongoing Olympics as well. The winners were from totally different classes of India, one was from High Profile Urban family with lots of facilities, others were from sub-urban or villages of India. Apart from the medal winners there were few path breaking wins. puglist Akhil thrashed the world champion and olympic champian en-route to Quarter Final. Jitender Kumar's 21-2 victory over the boxer from France was heartening. They enlightened the path and rose the expectations of Indians.

The successes of PAES’. RATHODs, BINDRAs, VIJENDERs and SUSHILs are very tough to achieve. There are few unsung heroes who showed them the way and over the years we are yet to learn how to convert the performances into the medals. The contributions of Milkha Singh, PT Usha, Gurcharan singh, Akhil Kumar, Jitender Kumar are as equal as of those who won the medals. The only defference is they were not able to add it to the medal tally. But what they did, they gave us the glimpse of hope, the confidence, “YES, WE CAN DO IT”.
GRAHAM BELL didn’t invented Mobile Phones, Wright Brothers didn’t made Mirage, Jet or Boing, NEWTON didn’t launched any rocket either, but what they did were more important, They showed us the way, “YES, THESE ARE POSSIBLE”
So next time whenever you cheer up the Winners, must not forget the contributions of these UNSUNG HEROES, they equally deserve applaud from their fellow countrymen.



P!yush said...
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P!yush said...

I sincerely hope this is a new beginning ad all this is not forgotten soon!!!

I would love to see an AWESOME show in the Commonwealth games we are hosting in 2 years time.