Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Reality Shows Bites

To be fair or not to be .... These reality shows (in India lots of them are Musical talent hunts) are dragging themselves in news due to wrong reasons these days. Indian TV has an old history of such reality shows. There are many. Channel [V] launched POP stars hunt and they got it ABOB and VIVA, TVS SAREGAMA and later SAREGAMAPA of ZEE has also given Awsome singers (Shreya Ghosal, Kunal Ganjawala and Chitra are few examples). Even Doordarshan has its Product "Sunidhi Chauhan" through Mahendra Kapoor's "Meri Aawaz Suno". But all these Singers came when these programs were completely judged by Talented judges, rather than relatively Biased audiences. These days even Judges seems to be biased. One incident I've observed on SONY's Reality Talent Hunt recentely. A female judge first named a Singer from Dhanbad as consistent performer and her favorite COOL DUDE as relatively down on singing. But when these two were left at bay from where only one can make it, the host asked her whom would you like to see through she replied her fav "COOL Dude". These are the judgement levels these days. That is the reason the singers coming out of such "REALITY TALENT SHOWS" are just like water bubble, dissapearing in no time.

Also there are few judges who copied whole life and tried their best to become a singer too (thou some composers are HIT, I really respect their effort), but when they comments badly on the aspirants it feels bad. You know BIG Stars are Big Stars not only due to their work, but also due to their Public Behaviour. That is why AB and SRK are big SUPER Stars whereas many who were and are equally talented couldn't make to their Stature

Now coming to the STAR WARS within the shows, which adds XTRA spice to the flavour. The top singers, musicians come here with their EGOS in their kitty. Some conversations are the part of the script, but when they turned personal and goes to media complaining and disrespecting each other (like any school kids), its tastes bad. If they can keep their emotions in control, it would be better for them as well.

Anyways these reality shows are getting success and people feels attached with their fav contestents (Whoever watches these shows). As long as people have no complain these shows will continue to be a hit, especially the music shows, cuz "India Moves on Music".


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