Sunday, August 2, 2015

MAJORITY – MINORITY: Have a fresh look

Since last few days, in the sight of Yakub memon’s verdict, many journalists, activists and political stalwarts tried to mix the debate of “removal of death penalty” and “verdict of 1993” bomb blast case. This is dangerous and highly irresponsible act. Have not it in India, they would have certainly behind the bars, facing serious charges of putting the country on the verge of another blooded war. In any case they have succeeded in polarizing a large section of muslims by infusing a sense of betrayal and injustice in them, which eventually was just a completion of judiciary process, which was upheld in not just once or twice but more than five occasions that too in the span of 22 long years.

The victim-hood card was the last option, and rightly played by the conspirator of the first of its kind cold-blooded incident in the history of India. The right wing government, which already have the tag of anti-muslim, is in power, on which these fear mongers tried to capitalized. But what they failed to convey, or deliberately didn’t conveyed to their followers, is that the case, running for more than 22 years, having 15 years of SECULAR governments, delivered the similar justice. In 2007 (Lower court) and 2013 (Supreme Court) have given their final decisions, right wing was not in power then. Claiming  government’s role in judiciary, is a serious allegation, and an act of contempt to courts, which is different topic altogether. So we will leave it. However, the direct interference in the justice system by the section of media is not only objectionable, but also dangerous for peace and hence dangerous for security of our country. All this for a proven terrorist, who have pleaded for mercy  not for not-guilty.

The biggest argument media has, and on which they justify the reaction of minority for the act of killing 257 innocents, is about the psyche of minority communities of India, and their insecurities. It is high time, we have to decide, who the hell is the majority? And despite of being minority, why political parties, who are corrupt to the core, try to woo the people from the minority section, try to create fear among them and keep them the way they are?

Here is the link to Government of India Census . Have a look in to the figures.

Hinduism, is the major religion of India. But it is simply a forced religion, which consists of all pre-islamic religious practices of India. The people who belongs to this religion are way apart from each other in terms of rituals, celebrations, festivals and many more. Also, there is a huge population, who were not even allowed to worship in ancient days. Hindus includes the section, which were not allowed to worship or have their own separate tribal gods. So the HUGE majority have false numbers inside, just for political benefit. Let me explain how.

The fear mongers, who infuse fear among Muslims regarding Hindus, often recite the incidents conducted by certain hooligans of the society, and who also are Hindus. While calculating the effect they put the entire 80% on one side and 17% on the other. So what is this 80% figure all about? I cannot accept this MAJORITY percentage. I’ll let you know why.

 I’ll also not accept the argument that certain people will start murmuring JAI SRI RAM and go on killing spree on the name of religion, who does not even know who the hell Ram or Krishna are, who do not worship any of the widely accepted Hindu God,. No that is not at all possible. So who are these section, who are included in the 80%. Dalits (SC) and Adivasis (ST). Dalits, who never have the privilege to worship and Adivasis, who have their own tribal Gods very local. SC/ST constitutes 23% of entire Hindus. That means, we can take the fear of the 23% SC/ST of Hindus, that is around 18% of total population of India, out of picture. So that will pull down the total to 62% “FEARNOUS” hindus.

If we see further breakdown, 40% OBC constitute Hindus. This is the community, which is either wrongly termed as backward by government or if it is really backward, will not involve themselves in rioting. This is a mixture of several castes, which in different parts of India are different. However, the tussle with the rest 37%, who are the so called upper castes remains same across India. So there is rarest of rare possibility that these NON-RAM worshipers will ever join any kind of rioting along with rioters, who are the real worshipers.

So that makes 37% of HINDUS, that is 29% of the entire population of India are the ones, who Muslims/Christians can fear about, in terms of religious fanatics. Muslims and Christians consists around 17% of total population, Sikhs less than 2% and Jain less than even 0.5 percent. Apart from one or two incidents, that too due to Khalistan movement, Sikhs have almost no problems with Hindus (29% upper caste ones), so are Jains and other small-small groups who Judaism religions. Trying to create Hindu-Sikh divide is an fail political attempt.

So the final figures are 32 % non-dangerous OBC hindus, 12% non-dangerous SC Hindus and 6% non-dangerous ST Hindus. Non-dangerous in terms of breaking religious harmony. So we have 29% Upper caste Hindus, even if we do not consider the further caste division and region wise divides. These 29% percent Hindus can be put against 17% minorities, who have been complaining or rather have been fed the fear of “MAJORITY”.

Now, I’ll try to further break the upper caste Hindus, on the basis of their religious practice, life style and other factors. The Upper caste, settled in metros or big cities are non-religious by large. In fact many of such hindus have turned atheists. If you look at the number of activists, protesting and “claiming to protect” the minorities are largely from the same upper caste, who have either turned atheist or live in metros.

Now is 29% UPPER CASTE HINDU MAJORITY against 15% MUSLIM is a MAJORITY?  IS IT FAIR that 15% MUSLIMS, claims to be minority, against the 29% of UPPER Caste Hindus? Also, remember, this 29% along with 2% of Sikh+ Jain, does not get any benefits from government because of their caste. Rest every other have government benefits in employment, merit and social justice. This 29% is real oppressed in modern days.

This is the mathematics, which most of the “Socialist Political Parties” have decoded. The greatest example is of Bihar, where Laloo Yadav, long back gave M-Y theory for win. It was Muslim-Yadav vote bank theory. If we simply consider muslims as one of the castes in the Indian vote bank system, you’ll find they are one of the largest vote banks, who vote in chunks, in favor of collectively decided candidates. The decision is mostly taken by their religious leaders. And that is where the wooing of “Minority” muslims lies. If the political parties or activists have really cared about the minorities, they would have been the voices of real minorities like Sikhs, Jains, Christians or people following Judaism. If they have really cared about even muslim minorities, whose votes have kept them in power for so long, the living conditions of these people have been bettered in several ways.

HINDU majority is a fake fear, and injustice to the several sections of HINDUS, who are forcefully put in the same bracket in the name of RELIGION, together, despite of having no similarities in terms of culture, style of worship, religious views or privileges.


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