Saturday, April 17, 2010

Patriotic, are we?

The reality shows have been using the human emotions over the years to attract the mass audience and to a great extent they have been successful too. Not only reality shows, but every event in our melodramatic society has been playing with human emotions these days. It’s getting cheaper day by day. Over the years the usage of patriotism in such events or shows has increased drastically.

Singing a patriotic song or using the tri-color in our dress code or dancing over a patriotic theme is good but only when it is not intended to publicize. If you start selling the patriotism, you are hurting the sentiments of the real patriots; we are disgracing the sacrifice of the unknown soldiers fighting for us on the borders who by no means are going to appeal you for votes or SMS. May be we are least bothered about them as we consider they are doing their duty and are paid for it.

Not everyone can be a Soldier. To be a patriot you don’t need to be a soldier either. If you are a real patriot contribute in the development of your nation. Save energy, pay tax, be a part of building your nation, that’s it you need to do. Instead of standing or clapping on a performance in a reality show or event, Stand up when you national anthem is played. Respect your country; respect your culture, respect your identity, no matter from which ever country you are. I’m trying my bit, but not always with success. I would like to be perfect in this regard. Let’s be a real patriot.

Using patriotism for publicity is contemptible, it’s despicable; it’s a sin. Patriotism is the ultimate feeling; it’s an honor and should be respected.


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