Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kushal left Org, So does an ever smiling face

Kushal is the only person with whom I’ve studied as well as worked. During study days we were not the best of friends, neither bad. After joining the same organization and having selected for the same department I came to know him better. In Nov 2006 we moved to the same project thou in different roles and after few months were in same section of the projects.

Initially I thought he was a moody guy (which of course he is), but then he is a great friend as well. We partied, hanged out quite often during those days before he left for another project. After a year and half, he joined us again but this time only to leave the organization.

With Kushal leaving, left an ever smiling face, a friend at work place and a calming influence in hectic work schedules filled with tensions. With him left us a true party animal, a person whom you ask any time for partying or hanging out, and with an answer “Yes”. With him also left, a chilling material, a great dramatist.

This is a part and parcel of work life. People leave and join for their betterment. I wish Kushal a great success in career.



Unknown said...

thanks man!! will start blogging soon after reading urs...thnks again for the good n bad times we spent..except for d one i rem'rer in 62 ..wen u were senti and sailesh consoled u..sorry 4 tat!!!

Unknown said...

awwwww....that's so sweet's good to see some bonding still left in few of us..hope that stays for gujju..all the best darling..wish you success in all that you do..

Akhil said...

We were not professional friends guys... So the bond will continue forever .... and ever .... and ever....