Saturday, September 5, 2009

The GOOD BADminton

In one of my previous blogs, I’ve written that I don’t know any of the residents of my apartment and only those whom I talk to are security guards, the electrician only because our wiring is too faulty to need an electrician too frequently, the IRON man who takes care of the cleanliness of my car and the KOORA WALAH.

Few months ago my flat mate and I thought of playing something outdoor to keep our paunch in control. We started with weekly Cricket on Saturdays and Sundays, but that was not as effective as it was dependent on lots of factors, people and also it was not happening daily hence was least effectual. Finally we decided to use one of the few amenities available in our society, Badminton Court.

The badminton court in our society is not the world’s best one. It has all sorts of problems associated with it, the base is rough and it has two lights out of which only one works; it has lines drawn, which are visible to some sharp eyed people only, the person like me, who is handicapped with the divine body part provided by the god, eyes, are the worst victims of it. I manage with my four eyes. Then there are bushes, trees, plants surrounding the court and are ready to invade it anytime, in fact few of them had already encroached and are giving all sorts of trouble to the human beings who play there. We cannot complain, they’ve learned encroachment of the areas from humans, but here we are the victims.

Anyways, despite of all sorts of shortcomings, this place provides the best of environment to play. When we started there were hardly any regulars. Me and my flat mate use to play for hours, without anyone standing or waiting to play. But now-a-days there are huge bunches of champions playing there. The game has become more and more exciting as few of the players are too good counting my flat mate, to ensure the eminence of competition.

Apart from all the entertainments and facilitating physical fitness, the badminton gives me an opportunity to meet few of the residents of our society. Meeting new people and talking to them has always been the best thing for me. It helps you understand different minds, nature and behavior different people possesses. Here also I meet different people of different region, different colors, having different natures and languages and accent. Some are quite, some are chirpy, and some talks little whereas some are talkative, some are dominant and some are mild.

Lets see how long our initiative continues. We all are enjoying the game and it’ll continue for long, I’m sure.


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