Friday, June 5, 2009

The Rebel speaks

I’m a rebellion by nature and often repudiate to be controlled by others, especially when it comes to personal things and working. I had never intervened in anyone’s personal choices till date, even if it would have been the person, whom I felt most important in my life, would had choose to leave me, I have had never asked him/her to stay back.

There are two special categories of people I’ve observed. First one, say A, they are always complaining and crying over the situation they are in. They often put the blame on others, their managers, peers, GOD, fate, food or even on them who don’t even exist, except for themselves. They are never satisfied with whatever situation or position they are in. If you ask them for work they’ll cry, if you don’t give them work, they’ll cry either. Their focus is never on the job in hand, but on other’s and other’s achievements. Thank god I don’t fall in this category and I’m happy with the things I’ve been doing. The day I’ll feel I’m not destined to do the work I’m doing, I’ll quit and will do the things I want to do. Till date, I’ve been doing the same.

Then there are another variety of people, say B. They will ask you to do the things their way. They are often in false impression, that they are successful in their lives and that they are the best and the only one in this entire world who know how to do things. They have done nothing constructive in their lives and in future too they’ll do anything constructive is doubtful. In reality, they are mere losers. I’m not of this kind either.

I often sense that if you give the ownership to someone and motivate them instead of showing the way how to do it will extract the best out of the person. May be they’ll come up with better innovative idea or even if they fail, they’ll learn.

I’ve sympathy for both the above categories A and B, but at the same time I’m thankful to them too. They have taught me a lot in how to deal with the people around you. They’ve helped me in growing personally. Till the species of the kind A and kind B of human race exist on this earth, it will keep the categories like me and most of us on learning track. Thank you ‘As’ and ‘Bs’.


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